Your Relationship with a Fee Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

Stand Alone
Asset Management

Have Your Assets
Professionally Managed

Globally diversified low-cost portfolios tailored for your needs. Assets will be continuously monitored, rebalanced, and tactically modified as market conditions dictate.

Providing institutional level pricing and investment offerings at all amounts.

Asset Management Fee
.95% for the first $250k

Monthly Planning Fee

Our Flagship Offering


On-going Financial
Planning and Guidance

Craft a financial plan that aligns with your personal goals and professional aspirations. Coordinate long-term strategies that will optimize the value of your financial resources.

Our familiarity with your situation allows us to swiftly manage topical planning issues as they arise.

Initial Fee
$500 – $999
Monthly Planning Fee
$150 – $400
Optional Discounted Asset Management
.70% for the first $250k

Wealth Management

Our All-Encompassing Highest
Level Offering

A flat fee that includes all asset management, financial planning, and services your family may need.

We believe that there is a point when a flat fee structure becomes more beneficial and provides more value than itemized pricing for each service.

The flat fee structure caps asset management fees. This is financially advantageous for anyone with $1,000,000 of investable assets.

Annual Flat Fee

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One Time

Set the Parameters * Second Opinions * Retirement Check Ups

Kick Starter

A shortened financial plan
focusing on one or two
planning topics

Give your financial life a “kick start.”

We realize not everyone is in need of a full detailed financial analysis.

Beef up your personal financial knowledge and develop the confidence to take control of your financial outlook.

  • Pre-meeting analysis
  • One 90 minute meeting
  • Financial planning to-do list and commentary


Financial Audit

A comprehensive financial
plan that allows you to
make educated decisions

The complete “do it yourself“ package.

Understand your current financial position and what aspects need to be addressed presently.

Develop short-term and long-term strategies to optimize your financial resources and progress towards your financial and professional goals.

  • Pre-meeting analysis
  • Two planning meetings
  • A full financial plan and analysis

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Tailored For Your Profession

Resident Physicians
And Fellows

An offering specifically
designed for resident

Designed to offer financial planning and guidance throughout medical training. These years present unique financial opportunities that are often overlooked.

Medical residents often fall outside the scope of most comprehensive financial planning firms and we have set out to fill the void!

Please refer to Mary’s case study for concerns specific to medical professionals.

Built around education and guidance.

$50 / Month


Financial planning that
actively incorporates
business planning

For many entrepreneurs and start-ups, the line between business and personal finance is often blurred. While you are focused on your business, we are here to monitor the big picture and your personal finances.

As a fellow start-up, we have the unique insight to assist aspiring entrepreneurs with both the financial hurdles and the unknowns ahead.

Please refer to Scott and Amy’s case study for concerns specific to entrepreneurs.

(Service Level Dependent)


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